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Bobby HensleyHello!

I’m Bobby Hensley, people used to call be Bob, so perhaps you may do the same. I am the lead developer of this website together with my team. I can say that I am a blogger and techno geek at the same time. Main reason We built and created this website into some sort of blogs so that I can write different contents about latest news in technology as is creates changes each day.

Some sort of articles I have previous written are contents like this one:

Bitcoin technology is one of the first successful usage of an appropriated crypto-currency, described partially in 1998 by Wei Dai on the cypherpunks mailing list. Expanding upon the thought that money is any object, or any kind of record, acknowledges as payment for merchandise and services and repayment of obligations in a socioeconomic context or in a given country, bitcoin is designed around the thought of using cryptography to control the creations and exchange of money, as opposed to relying on central authorities. It also can be used to purchase merchandise anonymously. Additionally, worldwide payments are simple and cheap because bitcoins are not attached to any subject or country to regulation. Small organizations may like them because there are no credit card charges. Some people simply purchase bitcoins as a venture, hoping that they’ll go up in quality. Bitcoins are made as a prize for payment handling work in which users, offer their computing power to check and record payments into the public ledger. This action is called mining and rewarded by transaction charges, and recently made bitcoins. Other than mining, bitcoins can be gotten in return for products, services and fiat money.

As you may see, I love new developments in technology no matter what effects it could create, every new trends and inventions will always have a negative and positive side, all we need is to become a responsible user and it will be here in a while.

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